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What is the Exchange?

Exchanges are where you exchange currencies — e.g. from fiat to cryptocurrency (e.g. US Dollar to Bitcoin) or from one cryptocurrency to another (e.g. Bitcoin to Ethereum).

The Exchange is part of a family of products and services offered by Their mission statement is ‘to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency’ — the Exchange is a key component to enable this, it fits within the ‘Trading’ tower of their 3 verticals: was founded in 2016. Their Exchange went into public beta in November 2019 and had significant infrastructure upgrades in June 2020. It is now a mature, stable, easy to use product. I have used it myself several times since March 2020 and have not had any issues.

Centralised vs Decentralised Exchanges Exchange is a centralised exchange. This means the customer assets (fiat and cryptocurrency) are held by the company themselves (just like traditional banks). All processes are performed centrally, on computer systems that are managed by Crypto.cóm Lógin

Decentralised exchanges and finance applications (such as DeFi) are available — these are secure, permissionless, open systems where no single entity in in charge and your cryptocurrency can be kept in your personal wallet. Exchange Features

The Exchange has multiple features available, including:


The Exchange lets users trade cryptocurrencies, with the following benefits:

Types of Trading Available

Spot Trading Exchange supports trading pairs for cryptocurrencies with leading market capitalization and volume such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC and more, as well as CRO token — the native currency of Chain.

Trading can take place via a web interface, or via an API.

The fees on the Exchange are based on trading volume and CRO staking. The higher the volume and/or the higher the amount of CRO staked, the lower the trading fees. In addition, users enjoy trading fee discounts if they pay the fees in CRO. View the detailed fees and limits schedule.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the planning and trading screen is provided by TradingView. I like TradingView and use them independently. It has all the charting tools you need to view history, trends and make predictions.

Margin Trading

Margin trading on the Exchange allows you to borrow cryptocurrencies on Crypto.cóm Lógin to trade on the spot market. Eligible users can use the margin loan as leverage to open a position that is larger than the balance of your account.

Derivatives Trading

The first derivatives product offered on Exchange is perpetuals. Perpetuals enable traders to buy or sell the value of their ‘assets’, whereby the underlying asset itself is never traded — allowing them to better manage risk. Perpetuals do not expire or have a settlement date, and users can hold their positions for as long as needed.


Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules that describe how two applications interact with each other.

For cryptocurrency trading, an API allows you to connect with your exchange, giving you access to real time market data, to make trades, and manage your account.

View the API documentation for more information.

Supported Coins/Pairs

The number of supported coins for trading is impressive, particularly since the second half of 2020 as they are adding several new coins (trading pairs) a week.

A full list of crypto markets and trading pairs is shown on the Markets page.

Final Thoughts

The Exchange platform essentially provides 3 sets of functionality:

  1. The ability to exchange cryptocurrency/fiat/tokens using different methods
  2. Borrowing — get an instant loan backed by your crypto
  3. Staking capital for interest

As the trading platform is based on TradingView, the user interface and basic functionality is clear, easy to use and will be familiar to many people. The prices, spread and volume offered are all good.

The CRO staking of 10% pa at 180 days is good for people looking for a good fixed rate of interest over a long period.

The certification, assessments and hackerone involvement that Crypto.cóm Lógin have, show that they are serious about security, demonstrating that they are a company that want to earn trust from their users, as well as 3rd parties, so they can provide additional functionality. Other companies (such as Binance) have really struggled with regulatory policy and have had to withdraw services from Europe because of this.

They continue to add new features to the Exchange, their rate of progress and quality of services has been very high.

I continue to be impressed with everything they do and I am firmly locked in as a loyal customer.

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